What we do

We deliver insightful business intelligence to guide your investment decisions. We support the fieldwork of our market research projects in West and Central African countries.

We gather a variety of information from each of the regions of West and Central Africa based on the following industries:

  • Mining: Diamond, gold, iron, etc.
  • Energy: Oil, natural gas, solar energy, etc.
  • Agriculture: Cocoa, coffee, cashew nut, shea butter, palm oil, banana etc.
  • Infrastructure: Roads, buildings, etc.


We provide answers relating to the most dominant political forces in each of the regions for your awareness.

We write company profiles that provide clients with insightful background check on a specific local company to help determine its suitability for a potential business partnership.

AIMS monitors news media (via the Internet, the press, broadcast media, social media) in more than 20 countries in West and Central Africa to provide the following products:

  • Daily traditional and social media summaries that cover political, economic, security, humanitarian, migration issues to keep our customers abreast of current developments.

  • Traditional and Social media analysis to gauge public opinion following major events.

  • Crisis management: In case of a major development, such as political instability due to terrorist attacks, election-related violence, widespread street demonstrations over increase in basic commodities’ prices, or a military coup, AIMS leverages social media monitoring tools to provide real time information. AIMS also provides cultural insights for a better understanding of the situation.

  • Incident and Warning Alerts – Including real-time monitoring of local events and threats to business operations such as political, security, economic, social and humanitarian events.

  • Tracking inflammatory rhetoric in West and Central African countries and highlight its sociopolitical implications for those countries.

  • Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) reports that highlight government and non-government entities’ efforts to counter factors leading to radicalization.

  • Writing reaction pieces on major events, such as protests, terrorist attacks, elections, etc.

  • Audio and video collection: Audio and video released by extremist groups operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. We also collect other video on Customers’ request.

  • Writing Profiles of key influencers: AIMS assesses government and non-government nationals’ opinion and their level of confidence in the future of their countries, their preferences, and the image they have about their countries’ institutions and foreign countries’ cooperation with Africa. In this product, we also highlight the thought leaders’ communication platforms, issues of interest, and define the scope of the person’s influence. The people we profile in this product are from a range of sectors, including politics, academics/intellectuals, business, civil society, entertainment, media, religion, sports, etc.

  • We do source assessment, conduct media survey, and write media guides on customer’s request.

  • We also leverage up-to-date tools to automate collection, condition, and analyze data and put them at the disposal of our customers.

We share insights into burning issues, such as tension before, during, and after key events, including the organization of keynote elections in West and Central Africa. We share the insights via reports, video conference calls, debates, and chats.

Our translation/Interpretation job includes:

  • Translation of audio and texts documents.

  • We also provide interpretation services with highly qualified professional interpreters.

  • Creation, management of translation memories (TRADOS).