AIMS publications are the exclusive property of AIMS-Analytics. All their contents are protected by Ivorian and international laws relating to copyright and intellectual property. The subscription to an annual subscription – whatever its scope – as well as the opening of an electronic wallet, does not entail any transfer of property rights of any kind to the benefit of the Client (the term Client refers to any beneficiary or administrator of a Subscription, a License, or a Wallet)


The contents of AIMS-Analytics publications (also called AIMS Publications) may be accessed/used through one of the following formulas:

a. INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (individuals and small businesses)

Individual subscriptions are strictly personal and are intended only for small entities with less than 5 employees, students, and individuals who do not use our publications in a professional capacity. To access AIMS publications and online services, Subscribers are required to provide a personal e-mail address (e.g. Kone.alpha@entreprise.ci). This formula allows a second reader to be added free of charge via a nominative email address.

b. PROFESSIONAL LICENCES: up to 15 readers

Multi-reader professional licenses allow you to manage collective subscriptions within the same legal structure via a single invoice. These formulas are adapted to professionals evolving in services where the collective use of our articles is essential to the smooth running of their activity. The number of authorized readers is specified on the invoice. These formulas benefit from degressive rates per readership. Each license has an administrator in charge of managing the subscription his organization opted for. He/she is responsible for all requests for changes addressed to AIMS-Analytics (additions/removals of readers…). AIMSAnalytics is committed to interact only with this administrator for all administrative matters (payment of invoices, renewal terms…). Several identification modes are available to adapt to the reading preferences of each client organization:
• Access via nominative e-mail addresses (e.g.Kone.alpha@entreprise.ci) allows each registered reader to personalize his or her consultation of AIMS publications and to set up online services according to his or her needs.
• A connection via a collective e-mail address (e.g.servicepress@entreprise.ci) allows a group of readers who belong to the same department to access AIMS publications simultaneously. This
login option is available for collective licenses with 10 or more readers.
• Automatic IP login allows a group of readers to connect to our publication sites from IP ranges defined by the client organization. To receive e-mail summaries and personalized alerts, readers can supplement this access by creating an account with a personal e-mail address. This login option is available for group licenses with 15 or more readers.

c. CUSTOMIZED CONTRACTS: more than 15 readers 

For organizations wishing to register a wider range of readers, AIMSAnalytics offers “Customized Contracts” adapted to the profile and scope of each organization. This option allows to subscribe at a very advantageous price either an entire entity (headquarters + local offices), or entire subsidiaries or large departments. This formula offers the possibility of combining all the identification methods listed above.


E-wallets are used to purchase single items. Wallet users are identified by a nominative e-mail address. This account is strictly personal and cannot be shared under any circumstances. An item purchased through this prepaid account cannot be legally distributed either within the wallet holder’s organization or to an external third party. If the information is to be used within an entity, the only legal solution is to subscribe to a Multi-Reader Annual License as described above.


The AIMS Publications Archive is available to Subscribers as part of their License, as well as to e-wallet holders.However, under the Intellectual Property Protection Act, AIMS-Analytics prohibits “the extraction by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the contents of a database to another medium by any means and in any form whatsoever.”
Specifically, the use of robots or manual processes to extract a substantial part of AIMS publications is prohibited, unless written permission is obtained.


Any reader authorized within the framework of a Subscription, a License, or an e-wallet commits to respect the perimeter of readership defined beforehand at the time of subscription. Thus, a reader who is part of a Professional License comprising a maximum of N readers will only be able to distribute our publications to the (N-1) other readers also included and selected by the Administrator of his License.

Outside of this perimeter, AIMS Publications may not be legally distributed within the organization via email, intranet, or any other means of communication. They may not be disseminated outside the organization (extranet, website, blog, social networks), unless it is a quote or a short extract including the link to the site of our publication. The authorized reader agrees to keep his or her password secret and not to disclose it to third parties.


The License Administrator is responsible for the acceptance of, and compliance, with these Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs) for all readers authorized under this License.


Any order for a Subscription or a License implies full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Sale and Use.

Start date – The Subscription or License takes effect upon receipt of the order for a new Subscription. In the case of a renewal, the new Subscription or License takes effect following the previous Subscription or License. For any other provision (retroactive subscription, implementation on a specific date, etc.), it is necessary to specify it at the time of the order.

Cancellation – Orders for Subscriptions and Licenses are considered firm and final upon receipt by AIMS Analytics. In accordance with legal provisions, a right of withdrawal may be exercised by the Customer for 14 days after the order is placed. However, the Customer will be liable for a prorated amount for the duration of the Subscription or License served between the registration of the order and its cancellation.


The opening and use of the e-wallet implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use. The Customer must first create an account with a valid email address and a password. To activate his wallet, he must make a payment of a minimum amount of 25 000 FCFA, by credit card or Mobile Money. This credit is immediately available on the AIMSAnalytics website. The price of the items is clearly displayed when browsing the sites. The balance of the wallet is updated in real time. No refunds are accepted on wallet balances.

Since the Wallet is strictly personal, if a Wallet is created with a non-nominal address (e.g. Servicepress@entreprise.ci), AIMS Analytics reserves the right to suspend its use until a nominative address is provided by the client.


An invoice for the Subscription, the License, or the Wallet is issued at the time the service is set up. It is available in PDF format in the “My account” pages of the site. It can also be sent by AIMS-Analytics to the Customer (or to the billing contact designated by the Customer at the time of subscription). Invoice requests should be sent to infos@AIMS-Analytics.com.

Payment Deadlines – Payment for the Subscription or License is due upon receipt of the invoice and must be made within 15 days of receipt. In case of late payment, the Subscription or License will be suspended until the full amount of the invoice is received.
Payment Methods – AIMS Analytics accepts payment in CFA (XOF), made by the following methods:
Bank transfer. The costs of issuing the transfer by the customer’s bank are at the customer’s expense.
Mobile Money:
• Orange Money
• MTN Money
Credit card: Visa, Mastercard
– Bank check payable to AIMS-Analytics
(For any other payment method, please contact AIMS customer service)


AIMS-Analytics complies strictly with the laws in force on the protection of privacy and individual freedom. Only AIMS-Analytics staff, who are subject to strict confidentiality rules, have access to client and prospect information. No data processing is outsourced to a third party. AIMS-Analytics
undertakes never to divulge to third parties the information that the Client (whether an Administrator or a Reader) provides.
In accordance with the law, the Client has the right to access, rectify, and object to personal data concerning him. He has the possibility to refuse to receive promotional messages by modifying his personal information online or by sending a request to the customer service.


AIMS-Analytics reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.
AIMS-Analytics reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Subscription, License, or Wallet that violates the Terms and Conditions set forth above.