The following report highlights a statement by the Minister of Youth saying that “nothing prevents Ouattara from being candidate” in the 2025 presidential election, a Government counterterrorism initiative, and COVID-19 update. The report includes background information to add context to the news items.


Youth Minister Says ‘Nothing Prevents Ouattara From Being Candidate in 2025’

Several Ivoirian newspapers quoted Mamadou Toure, the Minister of Youth Promotion, Professional Integration and Civic Service, as saying that “nothing will prevent President Ouattara from being candidate in 2025.”

Background: Toure made the statement during an 18 December event that the ruling Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP) organized to celebrate President Alassane’s one year anniversary in office after his reelection in 2020. The 2020 reelection marked Ouattara’s third term in office. Violent demonstrations against the third term in October 2020 claimed at least four lives, according to media reports.


COVID-19 Update as of 19 December

New cases: 42 positive of 2,586 samples (1.6 percent)

Total cases: 62,119

New recoveries: 25

Total recoveries: 61,113

New deaths: 0

Total deaths: 706

Active cases: 294

New vaccination doses: 170,908

Total vaccination doses: 6,159,868

Source: Ministry of Health


Article Says Cote d’Ivoire Launches Program To Counter Jihadist Threat

According to an article by an independent newspaper, the Ivoirian Government took a “strategic approach” to counter jihadist threat in the country. The approach consists in providing jobs to unemployed young men, who jihadist groups target in their recruitment process. The article said that jihadist recruiters roam various northern towns and propose the sum of approximately $860 and a motorbike to the youth to join their ranks. The Minister of Youth Promotion, Professional Integration and Civic Service recently visited the northern towns of Kafolo, Ferkessedougou, Tengrela, Boundiali, and Korhogo and informed the youth that the Government launched an initiative consisting of more than $3,5 million to find jobs for the young unemployed people.

Background: Jihadist groups have targeted northern Cote d’Ivoire on several occasions. On 6 December, Defense Minister Tene Birahima Ouattara accused Fulani from Burkina Faso of masterminding terrorist attacks on Cote d’Ivoire.

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