The following report highlights major news developments in politics, economy, health, and security in Cote d’Ivoire as of 22 October. This edition focuses on issues likely to hamper national reconciliation, the inauguration of a new hospital center, and criticism relating to the quality of road works. The report includes background information to add context to the news items.


Opposition Paper Highlights Issues Likely To Hamper Reconciliation

On 22 October, a daily newspaper close to the opposition Democratic Party of Cote d’Ivoire (PDCI) said that issues relating to the prosecution of former President Laurent Gbagbo over the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), speculating about people’s responsibilities in the 2010-2011 election crisis, and forgiveness are key to the reconciliation process. The newspaper described those issues as “timebombs.”

Background: During a 19 October interview with French television France24, Gbagbo denied that he seized the BCEAO’s Cote d’Ivoire offices in power struggle with President Alassane during the 2010-2011 election crisis. On 20 October, the government responded that Gbagbo was “still under prosecution.”


Prime Minister Inaugurates New Regional Hospital Center of Aboisso

On 22 October, a state-owned daily newspaper reported that Prime Minister Patrick Achi inaugurated the new regional hospital center in the southeastern town of Aboisso on 21 October. Achi said that the new hospital will provide “secured and quality health care” to the people.

Background: In 2017, the Ivorian Government launched a program amounting to $1.5 billion, providing for the construction of 20 hospitals and the rehabilitation of 22 others.


Netizens Criticize Quality of Road Works

On 22 October, RADIO PDCI RDA, a Facebook page close to the PDCI, posted pictures alleged to be taken at the Toumodi-Oume 52-kilometer-long road. The post criticized the quality of the road, saying that it was made of “fake tar.” It also lamented that the works cost approximately $27million. The post recorded 269 comments, generally critical of the quality of road works in Cote d’Ivoire, and was shared 98 times.

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